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Refined Design Studio

What we offer

We craft premium brand identities and web designs for small to medium-sized businesses, including passionate entrepreneurs who are not only looking for compelling visuals but an authentic, thoughtful strategy to make their mark on the world.

With a background including over 10 years of design and branding experience in agencies and in-house marketing departments, we have the expertise of a big design agency without the exaggerated price tag.

See us as a devoted extension of your team!

Meet Chryssi

Founder, Creative Director

A self-proclaimed typography nerd, Chryssi’s first glimpse into her love of design started at an early age, when she was asked to create and illustrate the cover of the programme for her elementary school’s production of Peter Pan. Not realizing that she could follow a career making fancy programmes (amongst other such important collateral), she veered into a short stint in architecture and urban planning before realizing that graphic design was a viable, and preferable, career option. Since her first day in design school amongst like-minded peers swooning over the latest font release, Chryssi knew she had found her calling.

Chryssi worked as an art director and in-house designer for many large retailers before deciding to launch Chroma. Her stationery and illustrative work has been featured at BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, and Oh She Glows, and is also sold at Target. She is truly dedicated to all of her clients, balancing thoughtful design solutions with a clean and modern graphic aesthetic.

When she is not scrolling through the latest font launches, you can find Chryssi making delicious plant-based baked goods, enjoying the company of her adorable cat interns, Baguette and Olive, or rewatching episodes of The Office with Romain for at least the tenth time.

Favourite color: Rose gold foil
Favorite movie: Before Sunset
Favorite drink: Aperol Spritz
Chryssi - Art Director
Romain - Web Designer

Meet Romain

Founder, Web Designer, Operations Director

Romain started tinkering in the webs before it was cool – a long ago time in 1999 when rotation gifs were a thing, Google was still a project in someone’s garage and your phone was at best a not-so-smart brick. This early pioneer grew up in the Southwest region of France near Toulouse and followed his early interest in all web related things by studying Art, Design and Technology in Interactive Media before moving to Canada.

Prior to starting Chroma with Chryssi, Romain worked several roles for small businesses and web agencies, as webmaster, HTML integrator, and in big media corporations as a front end web developer and project manager. His attention to detail, his problem-solving skills, and his ability to stay cool as a cucumber under high-stress situations, are all key to successfully delivering highly functional, user-friendly websites and organized systems to his clients.

In his spare time, Romain enjoys falling asleep watching Formula 1, traveling to the winemaking areas of Italy or France, discovering obscure post rock bands, photography and soaking up the sun of the south during winter.

Favourite color: rgb(54,69,79)
Favorite movie: Blade Runner / Blade Runner 2049
Favorite drink: Champagne
Romain - Web Designer

Meet Baguette & Olive

Interns, Quality Control Specialists

Baguette & Olive are fluffy Siberians, always on the lookout for their next treat. When they are not eating, they like to help out by lying on top of keyboards or napping on desks behind screens to ensure that all work at Chroma is just purrfect.

Favorite color: Squirrel gray
Favorite movie: A Street Cat Named Bob / Keanu
Favorite drink: Water