Brand Identity, more than a logo

Brand Identity – Why Your Brand Needs More than Just a Logo

When starting a new business, or looking to refresh an existing one, many business owners focus solely on creating a new logo. The logo definitely plays a pivotal role in your brand, but other accompanying graphic elements are needed in your toolbox to effectively win over your dream customers and to set you apart from the competition.

Your customers want to get to know you, but to gain trust in your brand in order to eventually buy your goods or services, they need more visual cues. One symbol simply can’t tell your whole story. This is where brand identity comes in.

Your brand identity includes all of the tangible, visible components of your brand, including your logo. These elements make you recognisable to your target audience, expressing who you are and helping you stand out from your competitors in a meaningful way. All of your graphic components work together to create the language for your brand’s distinct voice.

What elements make up your brand identity?

  • Logo
  • Secondary logos & submarks
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Patterns
  • Icons
  • Photography / Illustration Styles

One of the most important things to consider when building your brand is to keep your brand identity consistent no matter where your brand shows up. Whether it’s on your website, on social media, or on your products, using all of the elements in your brand identity in a strategic and consistent way demonstrates the high quality of your offering as well as your professionalism, which are key to building your audience’s trust in your product or service.

Finally, when building your brand identity, your strategy is of utmost importance. Who is your audience and what special solution are you offering them – why should they buy from you? Your customers are the ones who are driving your profits and ultimately, your brand’s voice needs to convey your special offerings while also speaking their language. Different color palettes, typographic styles and illustrative or photographic elements all impact the client’s perception of your offering.

Understand your product or service offerings in relation to your audience and make every strategic decision with them in mind; the brand strategy ultimately fuels the design of your logo and of all your brand identity components.

Are you ready to win over your dream customers with a thoughtful and coherent brand identity? We’ll help uncover your brand strategy to ultimately create a professional brand identity that will speak to your target audience. Let’s chat!