Where are you located?

We’re based in Montreal, Canada and work with clients all over North America.

Why do you only present one logo / brand identity concept?
I just need a logo. Do I have to purchase the entire brand identity package?

Yes – a meaningful and professional logo that will attract your ideal customers must be accompanied by a cohesive visual branding system. Please see our blog post here for more details.

How long does the process take?

Depending on client response time, our brand identity process usually takes 6-7 weeks from our kick-off date. An additional 5-6 weeks is required for website development once all content is received. Additional collateral pieces may extend the timeline.

Who are your design services for?

Small businesses or solo entrepreneurs who are looking for a premium brand solution and a streamlined, professional design experience. You know your ideal customers, you know where your brand is heading, and you’re ready to invest in your business. You’re open minded and ready to trust a professional to bring your brand to the next level.

Do you work with smaller à la carte projects?

We don’t work on smaller projects without having first established the brand identity. Once your brand identity is created, we can work with you on creating additional collateral pieces.

What’s the difference between a primary and a secondary logo?

Your primary logo will be the logo that you will aim to use in most collateral. However, sometimes based on context the primary logo may not work – for example, if your primary logo is very horizontal, it might not work in a square context. A secondary logo is thus created for alternative circumstances.

I already have a logo. Can you work on my website?

If you currently have established brand guidelines created by a professional graphic designer, we can work with you on developing your website.

Do you work with clients on an ongoing basis?

We take on a very limited number of retainer clients each year. Please contact us for more details.

Where does the name Chroma come from?

The name “Chroma” is the combination of the first few letters of our names, Chryssi + Romain.

Chroma also happens to be the Greek word for color – χρῶμα (khrôma, “color”). Since colors and the emotions they evoke are key components to expressing your brand’s personality and reaching your customer’s hearts, we felt this was a fitting word to describe the ultimate goal of our work.

Who are your design services not for?

Businesses who are not ready to invest in a premium service offering. If you’re unsure of who your customers are, if you’re looking to cut corners and cut costs, and if you need a brand or website completed by next week, we won’t be the right fit. Additionally, if you already have a logo sketched out or a website template chosen and simply need someone for production, we don’t offer this service. While we always welcome ideas and believe that design should be a collaborative process, our vision is rooted in strategy where the goal is to create a comprehensive branding solution.

What are brand guidelines?

The brand guidelines consist of a document that will summarize all of your brand identity components in one place, with clear instructions on how and when to use each element. It’s an easy reference point to pass on to anyone who creates something new for your business in the future, to ensure that everything stays on brand.

What’s a moodboard?

A moodboard is a set of inspiration images pooled together using the answers from your in-depth questionnaire that reflect the tone of your future brand identity. These images will reflect a variety of textures, colors, and fonts that will build the direction of your brand – they set the tone but will not be a part of the final design.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Payments are made in two parts. A 50% non-refundable deposit is paid once the contract is signed to reserve your spot in our calendar; the remaining 50% is paid once the project is complete.

Do you speak French and English?

Yes, we are bilingual and the French version of the website is coming soon!

Do you offer printing?

We don’t offer printing services, but once your collateral is created, we’re happy to help you out by recommending preferred online suppliers.