Should you center or left align the logo in your header

Should You Center or Left Align Your Logo on Your Website?

Research by Nielsen Norman Group found that centered logos in your website’s header can drastically hurt website navigation. As your customers browse your site’s pages, they expect that clicking on your logo will link them back to your homepage. Experts in user experience discovered that returning to a site’s landing page is six times harder when the logo is in the center of a page instead of the top-left corner. They also found that users are 89% more likely to remember your brand if your logo is in the traditional top-left spot on your website compared to center or right.

Case closed! Left align your logo for best results.

But wait! Is there ever a case for center alignment?

While it’s obvious user-experience-wise why most websites display their logo on the left, sometimes this convention can be broken – as long as there is good reason for it.

News websites

Historically, printed newspaper layouts had their logo displayed large and centered – people are used to associating this type of layout with respected news sources. This becomes the perfect example of legacy, where centering a logo is legitimate.


Artistic websites

Centered, symmetrical and artistic websites can also pull the centered logo off, where everything is about balance and the logo looks intentionally placed in an eye-catching layout.

Minimalist websites

If your page is simple, with very few elements and with a clear focus on other elements on the page, a centered logo could work. For example, Google – which also relies heavily on a layout legacy that hasn’t changed since their launch 20 years ago.

If you want to break convention and have your logo centered on your website, it’s very important to ensure that it’s paired with a clear and simple menu, or a header that includes an obvious HOME link to ensure a more optimized user experience.


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