LunchBots Toolkit

Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Web Design, Web Development

The LunchBots Toolkit is a collection of meal organizers and planners to help simplify weekly meal planning and prep through the use of a weekly meal planner, shopping list and list of go-to-meals.

Jacqueline from LunchBots was looking to create a lead magnet on the LunchBots website – we partnered with Jacqueline to design this fun, easy and simple set of planning tools that are offered as a free digital download in exchange for a customer’s email. In addition to designing the actual collection, this also involved the design of the Toolkit logo, as well as the design and web development of a separate landing page to explain the Toolkit in more detail and to offer an easy sign-up subscription experience.

Logo design
Lunchbots - Print design
branding and iconigraphy
Responsive web design and web development